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(That’s me in Nara, Japan)

Welcome / Добро пожаловать / 欢迎光临 / Bienvenido / Willkommen !

This is a travel site for solo travelers, featuring simple city guides for popular destinations.

Solo travelers are simply those who prefer to start their adventures alone. In my experience, this makes their needs slightly different to those who typically travel with others:

  • Solo travelers can afford to be (and often are) more adaptive, frequently changing travel plans mid-trip as they discover new information on where to go and what to see
  • Solo travelers are more open to meeting others on the road, and may choose to live in hostels to interact socialize with other travelers
  • Solo travelers are more independent – wandering alone in faraway places means they have to be reliant on themselves to stay out of trouble

I originally started SoloGuides for selfish reasons: as a solo traveler, I wanted travel guides with just the essential information (e.g. getting there, which neighborhood to stay in, unsafe areas).

I did not want pre-made itineraries, sponsored restaurant listings, or multiple pages of historical facts (Wikipedia works well enough for that). I wanted city guides that would quickly brief me on the basics – I prefer to improvise the rest.

Starting with a basic template, I wrote guides for the cities I knew well. I then went out and found other solo traveler writers that could fill in the rest. There are now more than 180 city guides – I hope you find at least one of them useful!

See you on the road,

If you have any ideas for content (including changes/corrections), questions, or comments of any kind, please get in touch: contact@sologuides.com

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