The Essential Solo Travel Guide Book

The Solo Travel Guide Book

Planning a solo trip sometime in the future?

Save hours flipping through long travel guides – get just the information you need to enjoy your visit.

Behold: the complete The Solo Traveler’s Guidebook, featuring all 180 cities on this site (across 70 countries) – conveniently compiled into one downloadable eBook (PDF).

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Note: this guidebook is a digital product. After purchase, you will receive an email link to download the PDF file. Put in on your phone, in your Kindle, in your email inbox – for quick access anywhere, at any time. Enjoy!

What Each Solo Travel Guide Contains

  1. Quick Facts:
    City size, interesting facts, nicknames, etc.
  2. Practical Information:
    Currency, spoken languages, the best time to visit. Includes details about airport transport options.
  3. Where to Stay:
    Quick accommodation advice, whether you’re traveling on a shoestring budget or wish to looking for luxury hotels.
  4. Getting Around:
    Information on local public transport options (including prices for one way tickets and day passes) and availability of taxi services.
  5. Nightlife Breakdown:
    Popular nightlife areas, broken down into scenes where available (e.g. upscale, trendy, student). Quick tips on drinking age and last call times.
  6. Unique Landmarks to Visit
    Out of the hundreds of potential places to see, we’ve narrowed it down to the most important landmarks – the defining points of each destination.
  7. Interesting Walks
    Advice on routes to follow for the most interesting walks, whether you’re into people watching or wish to step back through time by walking through historic neighbourhoods.
  8. Local Wisdom
    Which local delicacies to try, where to find good cheap eats, which dangerous areas to avoid, and any other information that our local experts deemed useful for the solo traveler.

Book details

Language: English
Format: Digital eBook (PDF)
File size: 3.3 MB
Length: 387 pages

The Solo Traveler’s Guidebook

387 pages –


by Nick Andrews
1st Edition

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